Nature Correspondence: ‘Biodiversity: ideas need time to mature’

Published today, my Nature correspondence calls for continued dialogue on the values of nature in the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. It argues that debates over the representation of values are a productive (and likely inevitable) part of responding to environmental change. They promote dialogue and innovate new ideas. But seeking rapid consensus can…

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Journal Article: Expert Representation in IPBES

The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) is an expert institution expected to transform the governance of biodiversity and ecosystem services. IPBES expands on previous initiatives and positions itself as a knowledge-policy interface open to different ways of knowing biodiversity.

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Workshop: Productive research networks and the legacy of DIVERSITAS

This blog post was originally published on the Future Earth Blog. __________________________________________________________________ Research initiatives often find added value in the networks of people and processes they create, writes Jasper Montana. “DIVERSITAS is not just like any other scientific body – it is a network” posits Georgina Mace, the chair of the DIVERSITAS Scientific Committee. Like…

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Filming Secrets Of Our Living Planet: The white rhino

This blog post was originally published on the BBC TV Blog. ______________________________________________________________ It shouldn’t have been this wet. The 4 x 4 slid across the muddy track like it was an oil slick and slammed into the bank on the edge of the road, almost knocking us all out. Water buffalo stood sodden and dripping…

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Filming Human Planet: Life is all about packing cases

This blog post was originally published on the BBC Human Planet Blog _________________________________________________________________________ Metal pins are slowly spreading across the map of the world in our office – each one representing a trip, a recce, a shoot, and another sequence of Human Planet recorded onto what have now become many kilometres of magnetic video tape.  …

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Filming Human Planet: Mongolian Folk and Muddled Pop

This blog originally appeared on the BBC Human Planet Blog _____________________________________________________________ On a grassy hillside overlooking the undulating hills of central Mongolia, I grasp a unique insight into someone else’s world.  In the valley below is the melee of a hundred charging horses kicking backlit dust into the still air.  From high above, the action…

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