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My research currently based at the Department of Geography of the University of Cambridge fits broadly into three interrelated strands.

Firstly, I am interested in the role of experts and publics in environmental governance. This strand focuses on the institutionalisation of particular forms of expertise or public deliberation, and draws predominantly on social and political theory from science and technology studies.

The second strand of my research is interested in the human dimensions of environmental change. This research includes examining and contributing to attempts to understand socio-ecological systems as hybrid processes in light of the Anthropocene, and the implications this shift might have for academic and management practices.

Finally, I am interested in how transdisciplinarity and calls for more inclusive practices in knowledge production work in practice. In particular, this field of my research responds to the increasing demand for co-designed and co-produced research from funding bodies and organisations, such as the forthcoming UKRI and Future Earth.

My recently completed doctoral thesis analysed the institutional arrangements and expert knowledge-making practices in a UN-level expert panel: the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

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